The Washington Avenue Business Improvement District is aggressively moving to improve the look, feel, and reputation of Washington Avenue.   One of the WAVE’s goals is to create more authentic live music, art, entertainment, and interaction with our community. As the former President of Hendrix Record (Family of Jimi Hendrix) my objective is to have authentic, true musicians, singers and performers represent Miami Beach.

Florida is a breding ground for great talent such as Gloria & Emio Estefan, Pitt Bull, DJ Khalid, Flo-Rida, Luke, Enrique lesis, Rick Ross, Ariana Grande, KC & Sunshine Band, Arturo Sandoval Jason Derulo, Backstreet Boys, NSYNC and more.

From Rock, Latin, Reggae, R&B, to Symphonic, Jazz, and Blues we are looking for talent that believe in themselves.
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