Washington Avenue Business Improvement District is a non-profit municipal board of the City of Miami Beach representing property owners that comprise the blocks of Washington Avenue corridor from 5th Street to 17th Street, with the aim to build upon Washington Avenue’s role as an entertainment district. It works to enhance security and sanitation services in the neighborhood, advocate for the betterment of the area, raise awareness of advancements being made, and plan for the future of Washington Avenue.


Washington Avenue is Miami Beach's vibrant music and art district and serves as an innovative economic, social and cultural hub for the region and beyond. Washington Avenue is an energetic, diverse, and interconnected community that is home to businesses, retailers, and residents. Washington Avenue is a prime location that is easily accessible to workers, residents, and tourist.  Washington Avenue has a flourishing art and culture scene with lively streets, a wide variety of entertainment and dining options, and historical monuments. Our well-lit and pedestrian-friendly sidewalks are alive with residents and visitors enjoying public art, outdoor dining, thriving street-front businesses and the many events staged on the Avenue.


The Washington Avenue Business Improvement District (BID)’s integral mission is to preserve, stabilize, and improve Washington Avenue retail and business district located inside historic Miami Beach. The BID provides high-quality, customer-oriented services designed to define, enhance, and continually improve Washington Avenue for those who work, live, visit, and do business here.

As a resourceful and collaborative organization, we work in partnership with our key stakeholders and the City of Miami Beach to create a welcoming, creative, and thriving environment that supports Miami Beach residents and a wide range of business types from innovative start-ups to international associations. We take an active leadership role in all that we do, serving as a collaborator, community builder, and agent of positive change.

Troy E. Wright
Executive Director

Jaclyn Dix
Executive Assistant


The BID goal is to create an idea city inspired by authentic live music, art, entertainment, and technological interactions.


· Ambassador Program (Cleaning, Maintenance and Hospitality)
· Beautification and Public Realm Enhancement
· Homeless Assistance Program (Social Services Coordination)
· Marketing and Promotion
· Community Activities and Events
· Support for Music, Culture, Arts and Innovation
· Economic
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Washington Avenue Business Improvement District
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